Target Travel Marketing (TTM) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Arjan Helle started his marketing company on November 12, 1990. Today, 25 years later, TTM has grown from a small fulfillment office into a full service destination marketing & PR agency. Thanks to a team of 12 dedicated professionals, TTM developed tremendously throughout the years. From traditional marketing & PR to multimedia and online marketing, Target does it all. But Who is Target? Who are the people behind this successful company? What are their best moments at TTM so far and how do they see Target’s future? We would like you to meet Team Target.

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meet Arjan HelleMeet Arjan Helle

25 years ago I founded a business called Asia Marketing & Travel Services and my first customer was the Tourism Authority of Thailand. That business has since evolved to become TTM, now with clients worldwide. I feel very fortunate to have been raised by parents who believed that travel was a way of personal enrichment and instilled in me the love of travel from a very early age.

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meet Marjolein FraanjeMeet Marjolein Fraanje

I started working at Target Travel Marketing in 1993 and to be honest I cannot imagine working anywhere else. Having a job in the travel sector is a privilege anyway, because let’s be honest; what is more fun than traveling for work? Target is a company offering different products and services. This kept the challenge for me all these years.

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Horse shoe Bend kleinMeet Hanny Fluit

After working for tour operators for 14 years, I moved to the Marketing and Communications business in 2004. An exciting move as I had experienced working for tour operators (product management and marketing) always as versatile, inspiring and satisfying. But I have never regretted it for one day. All these terms are applicable for my job at TTM.

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Horse shoe Bend kleinMeet Danny van 't Hul

After receiving my graduate in tourism I moved to Spain where I started to work in a hotel. In 2006 I started working at Target Benelux as a reservations employee. After spending a couple of years working on the reservations department, I grew into the position of Online Marketing Manager. Soon I was in charge of all the websites within the Target portfolio.

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KaoutarMeet Kaoutar de Vries

I started as an intern at Target Travel Marketing in 2008 and I felt immediately at home. After finishing my internship and education, I lived in Greece for a couple of months. Upon my return to the Netherlands, I needed a job and my first thought was Target. I have been working at Target for 5 years now and can’t even imagine working for another company.

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DebbieMeet Debbie Heydanus

I started my job at Target Travel Marketing 5 years ago and I must say: Time flies when you’re having fun. I see my colleagues as my ‘second family’ and besides working we can also have a good laugh. When I started to work at TTM I was responsible for the camper product and I am still happy with that.

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IlonaMeet Ilona Norbart

My career within Target Travel started on the 1st of December 2011. A great day to start because that night we all went out for dinner to celebrate Danny's 5th anniversary. During that night it became clear to me what a wonderful company it is to work for but also how friendly and warm-hearted my colleagues are.

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EstherMeet Esther Rosenhart

I started working at Target Travel Marketing three years ago and I felt almost instantly at home and at ease. Whether it's the soothing rural setting of the office or the, let’s say, ‘interesting team’, I don’t know , but I still have this feeling every morning when I drive to the office.

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AnneMeet Anne Borst

When I met TTM well over a year and a half ago, I immediately felt the sincere, optimistic attitude of the entire team. TTM is no-nonsense and hardworking, flexible and professional and above all; so much humor! I feel right at home and can’t imagine not working here.

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AngelaMeet Angela Helle

I am working at Target Travel Marketing since January 2015 but I was already familiar with the company. Therefore it is a great honor for me to work here. Target is a positive, hard-working and friendly company where I feel very at ease.

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Esther VMeet Esther Verweij

Six months ago I started with TTM – closing off a chapter of being a travel agent my whole working career. Within TTM I work at the reservations department and mainly concentrate on our product:

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HansMeet Hans Visser

I’ve been with Target Travel Marketing since 2005 and take care of the finances and administration. I think it’s very special that the organisation has managed to keep its identity despite the growth of portfolio, activities and team members.

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