Meet Anne Borst

When I met TTM well over a year and a half ago, I immediately felt the sincere, optimistic attitude of the entire team. TTM is no-nonsense and hardworking, flexible and professional and above all; so much humor! I feel right at home and can’t imagine not working here. I hope to be a part of this great team and company for many more years to come and feel confident about the next 25 succesful years of TTM.

  • Anne in 5 words: caring, humoristic, loyal, responsible, enthusiastic
  • Target in 10 words: optimistic, quick reflexes, professional, flexible, service minded, humble, humor, sociable, team spirit
  • Years working at TTM: 1.5
  • Position at TTM: PR & Project Manager
  • Best moment at TTM: Vakantiebeurs 2015; after months of preparation we saw the culmination of a great pavilion with tons of atmosphere. A real team effort~
  • Favorite destination: South Africa, Scandinavia
  • Passions : pop music (we all love 80s & 90s!) traveling, wining & dining and the two loves of my life; Joris and Dies
  • Future TTM: TTM is consistently developing as America specials, I see plenty of room for growth! The traditional relationship between media and PR/Marketing agencies is changing rapidly. I have the feeling things like press releases will become less and less important and one on one contact with media and trade is getting more important on the other hand. Quality vs. quantity!