Meet Arjan Helle

Twenty-five years ago I founded a business called Asia Marketing & Travel Services and my first customer was the Tourism Authority of Thailand. That business has since evolved to become Target Travel Marketing, now with clients worldwide. I feel very fortunate to have been raised by parents who believed that travel was a way of personal enrichment and instilled in me the love of travel from a very early age. This love of travel led me into a lifelong career in the hospitality and travel industry – a career which may have seen its share of challenges over the years, but is far surpassed by the rewards. It has been a magnificent journey: personally experiencing (and enjoying!) so many travel destinations; developing valuable relationships with travel trade and travel media near and far; and meeting interesting and influential people – those people who ultimately helped to shape the vision for TTM, and who continue to challenge us to grow and evolve as a relevant link within the travel industry.

  • Arjan in 5 words: grateful, loyal, driven, knowledgeable, fair
  • Target in 5+ words: enthusiastic, progressive, conscientious, quality-driven, optimistic, fun
  • Years working at TTM: 25 years
  • Position at TTM: President / Owner
  • Best moment at TTM: 1993: my first TIA International Pow Wow in New Orleans; participating in a hands-on cattle drive in Bozeman, Montana
  • Favorite destination: Pakistan, Thailand, The Real America
  • Passions : Family, exploring new places, skiing, wine tasting
  • Future vision TTM: Innovators in destination representation services, fusing knowledge and technology for the benefit of our growing portfolio of clients and TTM affiliated business.