Update: Summer vacation

Door | 25 mei 2020|

This week brings good news about the COVID-19 situation in Europe with the number of new infections declining on the whole, and the actions of governments implementing the right steps to keep the situation under control appear to be effective. [...]

Update: Border openings within the EU

Door | 19 mei 2020|

Developments and new announcements on border openings within the EU are following each other quite rapidly the past few days. The EU seems to try to get some more grip on the situation to improve on the somewhat chaotic period [...]

Update: Each new day

Door | 11 mei 2020|

The National Travel & Tourism Week kicked off with a united message of 9 tourism organisations, joining together in spreading a positive message; “ Each new day brings us closer to a new beginning”. A good example of effective mutual [...]

Update: Future travel behavior

Door | 6 mei 2020|

Next week it’s National Travel & Tourism Week in the US. An annual tradition for the US Travel Community. Normally a time when travel and tourism professionals across the country unite to celebrate the value travel holds for the economy [...]

Update: Fighting COVID19

Door | 28 april 2020|

In the Netherlands we’re about to have a Holiday Weekend as it is the King’s Birthday on April 27. Although even the Royal Family will not be touring the country and the traditional “orange” festivities are not taking place. [...]

Update: Corona is dominating the news worldwide

Door | 23 april 2020|

Corona is dominating the news worldwide. The way what focus is chosen is very different per country; there has always been a discrepancy in the share of ‘International News” in Europe compared to the minimal International News as featured in [...]

Rondreis auto door Ierland populairder dan ooit

Door | 25 oktober 2019|

Autoverhuurder Alamo.nl ziet een forse stijging in autohuur Ierland in de afgelopen zes maanden van dit jaar. Het aantal boekingen is ten opzichte van 2018 verzesvoudigd. Kortom, Ierland trekt als vakantiebestemming meer Nederlanders. […]

Gezinnen met kinderen kiezen massaal Canada voor camperreis

Door | 28 februari 2019|

Gezinnen met kinderen die een camperreis maken op een verre bestemming, kozen in 2018 massaal voor Canada. Bij online camperverhuurder Worldwide Campers koos bijna 70% van alle gezinnen Canada als bestemming voor hun camperreis. ‘Australië en Nieuw-Zeeland maken de top [...]