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Case: Brand USA Paviljoens

Category: Events
Period: Yearly in January & February
AccountBrand USA

For over 10 years Target Travel Marketing organizes the America Pavilions at the most important consumer fairs in the Benelux, such as Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht and Salon des Vacances in Brussels. In close cooperation with Brand USA TTM presents the possibilities for traveling to and in the USA. Tour operators, airlines, car- and camper rental companies and destinations are well presented and show themselves in an American atmosphere. There is also entertainment, a real American cafe is added to the pavilion. TTM organizes the total project, from finding potential participants, stand building, promotion and all logistics.


Case: IPW 2017

Category: Events
Period: June 2017
AccountBrand USA

IPW has been the most crucial event for everyone doing business in tourism in the USA. In three days one can partake in 44 planned meetings with over 1300 suppliers of tourism products in the USA: ranging from a state to an accommodation, from a region to car rental and more. The participants of the event travel from 70 different countries from all over the globe, adding up to a total of over 6,000 travel professionals. This expansive network grants you the best possible overview of supply and demand for Tourism in the USA. 38 Dutch participated in the 2017 edition and the interest of the Netherlands in the IPW marketplace is on the rise. A large portion of the Dutch participants is in the management team of Visit USA NL. Each year they organize a reception, which was held in the Bullfeathers this year.


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Case: RMI Salesmission Benelux

Category: Events, Destination Marketing
Period: March 2017
AccountRocky Mountain International

Target Travel Marketing organized a Sales mission in the Benelux for the representatives of the states North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and Rocky Mountain International. Our client got the opportunity to meet Dutch and Belgian travel professionals, such as tour operators, journalists, travel agents, MICE and airlines.

Case: USA Go Wild

Category: Events
Period: September 2016
AccountUSA Go Wild

USA Go Wild is the new ‘All American’ event which held its first edition on the 30th of September and the 1st and 2nd of October 2016 in the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk. The event offers the ultimate USA experience through taste, sound, feeling and emotion. Visitors are engulfed with the American cuisine, (shop)culture and of course the American music. The first edition of USA Go Wild hosted a total of 20 destinations, tour operators and RV- and car rental specialists, whom all provided the visitors of the event with all the information needed for their a dream trip through the USA. The event had three main themes where visitors could pick up inspiration for their American Dream: cities, adventure/nature and beaches.

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Case: Salesmission Taste of Texas

Category: Events/Destination Marketing
Period: October/November
AccountTexas Tourism

Target Travel Marketing coordinated the total project around this sales mission. A delegation of several regions and cities from Texas was hosted in Amsterdam to inform with workshops press and the travel industry about Texas. From sending out the invitations, the program and itinerary, the workshops and the follow up. By learning from the representatives of Texas the Benelux market got to know better the possibilities for travelingto and in Texas. As a result the number of offered packages increased.