Brand USA pavilion at Holiday Fair 2018

Target Travel Marketing will manage the logistics and planning for the Brand USA Pavillion of the next edition Holiday Fair. With enthusiasm and lots of new inspiration we are getting ready to promote the US at the Holiday Fair 2018. The Brand USA Pavilion is almost 1000 square meters an annual regular attraction. Many specialized tour operators, airlines, car and RV rental companies, American States and Visit USA combine their forces to advice visitors in their American travels. Together they will create an amazing afternoon for the visitors, full of inspiration, delicious snacks and drinks and live music. All of course adapted to give visitors a taste of what America has to offer!

According to research of the Holiday Fair the visitors want to spend nearly 3300 euros on their vacation. This is thrice as much as the 1100 euro the average Dutchman spends on their vacation.  Additionally the research shows the US as the number one destination ‘far away’ on the visitor’s bucket list!

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You can find the Brand USA Pavilion from 9 until 14 January in hall 3, the meeting place for America lovers. More information about the Brand USA Pavilion at the Holiday Fair.

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Successful editions 2014/2017

In previous years, when Target Travel Marketing was also responsible for the logistics and planning of the Brand USA Pavilion, the Holiday Fair appeared to be very successful. In 2016 121.593 people visited the Holiday Fair, which was again an increase in comparison to the year before. In 2017 108.779 people entered the event. The decrease in the amount was a result of the bad winter weather and the Fair closing one-hour earlier than the year before.

Together with GoAmerika/GoMotorbiking, Target Travel Marketing was also responsible for the entertainment during the Holiday Fair. We created the GoAmerika/GoMotorbiking café, which was the energetic center of the Brand USA Pavilion. Many people, including our colleagues in the travel business, enjoyed the traditional American delicacies, live music, cheerful ambiance and real Harley’s.

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