Meet Debbie Heydanus

I started my job at Target Travel Marketing 5 years ago and I must say: Time flies when you’re having fun. I see my colleagues as my ‘second family’ and besides working we can also have a good laugh. When I started to work at TTM I was responsible for the camper product and I am still happy with that. Let’s be honest: what is more fun than organizing ‘a once of a lifetime vacation’ for customers. It is even more fun if you get the opportunity to travel in a camper yourself. This makes it so much easier and more fun to sell a camper to your clients. Even after 5 years working at TTM I still enjoy working for such a great product. It’s so special to make a customer’s dream come true.

  • Debbie in 5 words: Spontaneous, service minded, friendly, hard working and love to work in a team.
  • TTM in 10 words: Knowledge of the camper product, powerful, very nice working environment.
  • Years in the company: 5 years.
  • Position at TTM: Account Executive.
  • Best moments at TTM: When I had my job interview I was told that TTM would go on an educational trip to Minneapolis because of the celebration of 20 years Target. My surprise after only 2 months of working at TTM was if I also wanted to join. What a surprise and my answer was YES with capitals Y E S!
  • Favorite travel destination: Spain and Asia
  • Passions : Traveling and Zumba.
  • Future TTM: Besides the USA we will also work for other countries. Besides this we will continue to grow with and Worldwide Campers. Of course high standard service is still our main focus.