Meet Ilona Norbart

My career within Target Travel started on the 1st of December 2011. A great day to start because that night we all went out for dinner to celebrate Danny’s 5th anniversary. During that night it became clear to me what a wonderful company it is to work for but also how friendly and warm-hearted my colleagues are. Today, 4 years later, I still feel like that; actually, I think the feeling has grown more. All colleagues help each other whether it’s work related or something to do at home. This harmony projects itself on our products: to help each other during Vakantiebeurs or credit each other when we’re launching a new website to just name a few. I do hope to be a part of TTM for many years to come! My enthusiasm keeps on growing and I hope to keep on growing too within the company structure!

  • Ilona in 5 words: curious, spontaneous, hard worker, positive, customer service minded
  • TTM in 10 words: TTM is a company that’s got a heart for it’s clients!
  • Years working at Target: 4 years
  • Position at TTM: product specialist for WorldWide Campers
  • Best moment at TTM so far: celebrating my birthday in l’Auberge during our teambuilding weekend!
  • Favorite destination: Scotland
  • Passion : aviation
  • Future TTM: Let’s keep going the way we do now (work hard/ put in a lot of effort for our clients), then we’ll continue to move forward- and surpass our competitors.