The USA is a land of big, bigger, biggest. The country of unprecedented opportunities to travel to and in and still number one when it comes to intercontinental vacations. Therefore, a grand presence at the Vakantiebeurs of a USA Pavilion cannot be missed.

Interest in Canada, the land of pristine nature, as well as vibrant cities, is also undiminished. Target Travel Marketing is therefore pleased that the organization of the Canada Pavilion has returned to their hands.

Target Travel Marketing, organizer of pavilions at the Vakantiebeurs since 2004, is delighted that at the 2024 edition of the Vakantiebeurs there will again be over 400 m2 of USA experience to be found at the fair, in addition to the familiar Canada-tree containing real Canada specialists. At a central location in Hall 12, close to the USA terrace, one can find out everything about a vacation in the USA or Canada from January 10 to 14 (January 10 Travel Trade Day).

A central location will be occupied by Visit USA Netherlands and the CMC, the traffic offices of the United States and Canada in the Netherlands. The starting point for a vacation North America. Experienced professionals will be on hand to tell about the various highlights in both countries. Also representatives of Brand USA, specialized tour operators and destinations are present to tell everything about these wonderful vacation destinations.

The people in the stands have traveled to these countries countless times themselves to experience the most beautiful vacation destinations in order to put together the ideal itinerary for it. There are also car and RV rental specialists, especially since the USA and Canada are ideally suited for a road trip by car or RV.

If visitors want to know more about Texas, Portland, Oregon, Utah, Minnesota, Memphis, Kentucky, Capital Region, the Great American West (Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming) or Florida, among others, they have come to the right place in the pavilion.

So stop by, get informed and be inspired! Take a nice photo at the Oscars, or in the diner on the Experience square and talk to the USA and Canada experts who are happy to make time for you to inform you in detail.

See y’all at Vakantiebeurs!