July 2022 started both with a smile and a teardrop. As of June 12th it is no longer mandatory for international travelers to the USA to show proof of a negative PCR test result upon arrival. This lowers the threshold for people to travel to the USA – a big step forward for the travel industry. However, we were also informed that major floodings affected Yellowstone National Park, resulting in the closure of some entry roads to the national park. with the summer season just opening up, this is a big setback for the state Wyoming. Thankfully the South loop quickly reopened and the park is hoping to have the North loop open again by August.

IPW in Orlando

This years’ edition of IPW, held in Orlando in June, felt like the editions before COVID-19. Overall the atmosphere at the trade fair was very optimistic, and it proved again that the tourism industry really is a people’s business. Meeting out partners and members makes the work more fun and more efficient.

Visit USA update

Another thing we look back at with great pleasure, is the Car Rally that took place on June 23, 2022. A total of 50 travel agents spoke with 12 members from Visit USA. The weather could not have been any better. It was a fun and informative day!

For the remainder of this year we are positively looking ahead to some of the events that Visit USA NL will be hosting and/or will participate at. In October we will all come together again for the yearly General Assembly. In the beginning of November we will be present at the USA & Canada travel fair. And instead of this autumn, the Visit USA roadshows will be taking place in spring 2023! The exact date will be communicated in due time. We are also investigating the possibilities regarding our participation at the Vakantiebeurs, in January 2023.

Stay safe, stay healthy