Nieuwe klant: Explore Minnesota

Door |2023-03-30T12:24:20+02:001 maart 2023|

Al sinds 2001 vertegenwoordigt Target Travel Marketing Rocky Mountain International (RMI) in de marketingactiviteiten voor The Great American West, met daarbij de staten Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota en South Dakota, in Nederland en België. Wij zijn verheugd te melden dat sinds februari [...]

Update: Check-in halfway through 2022

Door |2023-03-30T12:24:21+02:0025 augustus 2022|

July 2022 started both with a smile and a teardrop. As of June 12th it is no longer mandatory for international travelers to the USA to show proof of a negative PCR test result upon arrival. This lowers the [...]

Update: A new year with even more opportunities

Door |2023-03-30T12:24:21+02:0011 februari 2022|

Throughout 2019 - 2021 you received various corona updates from us, as we wanted to keep you informed about the current COVID-19 measures in the Benelux market. Even though COVID-19 is still a part of our lives, we are [...]

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