In the Netherlands we’re about to have a Holiday Weekend as it is the King’s Birthday on April 27. Although even the Royal Family will not be touring the country and the traditional “orange” festivities are not taking place.


Compensation payments, in specific for the Travel Industry are in full swing: as long as (Travel-) companies continue to hire and pay their employees they receive an up to 90% compensation on Salary costs for a period of 3 month to begin with. Payments are made within 7-10 days after application.

Fighting COVID19

Not only in the Netherlands but actually all over Europe there seems to be a broad consensus on how to fight COVID19: Spain, Italy, France and Belgium are in a complete Lockdown although death per capita ratio in these countries seems higher than in countries like Germany, Switzerland, most Nordic Countries and The Netherlands. These countries have reached the “Apex” and are slowly going to relax the stay at home orders: For the Netherlands this relaxation will be mainly for children: they are allowed back to school after the May Holiday (May 10) and also team sports will be allowed again under certain restrictions.

Measures in Europe

It is interesting to see that Sweden didn’t order their people to stay at home or has been closing shops nor offices. At first it was looking successful but recent death tolls are growing rapidly and the government is criticized. Austria is planning to open up their summer season for neighboring countries (to begin with Germany) although it is expected that testing at the border will be required.

Future air travel

Emirate Airlines is the first International Airline that has been testing prior to check in with ‘instant’ (within 15 minutes) results. Is that what future air travel is going to look like? Even if we can slowly start to think about vacationing again the demand will be very different: Dutch travelers will be reluctant to board an airplane. A shift in demand could occur. Iceland is currently promoting itself as a COVID19-safe place: lots of space, not many people, direct flights. In the mean while we need to prepare ourselves, to be ready. There is a big job to do. Travel will not be the same. There will be a lot more regulations on safety.