This week, The Wall Street Journal published “RV Vacations: The Safest Way to Travel This Summer”. It’s encouraging to see, that although cautiously, messaging is changing from ‘no travel advised’ to encouraging travel in new and adaptive ways. The article focused on one of the hottest trends of the summer, travel in an RV or camper. In this era of cautious travel the idea of traveling in a self-contained and self-controlled travel environment, complete with your own kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms is very appealing, All the comforts of home combines with all of the adventure and none of the communal risks associated with shared facilities.

Safe RV vacation

RV rental companies are capitalizing on this idea, and together with car rental companies are showcasing their ideas of safe travel combined with highlighting their extensive cleaning and sanitation protocol. Within Europe, the inter-country borders are beginning to open and governments are gradually welcoming foreign visitors again. With this development, we can’t help but anticipate the time when the USA will again open their borders to foreign visitors and we are able to work cooperatively to rebuild foreign travel to the USA.

Monitoring the reopening of states

Meanwhile within the USA, we are closely monitoring the phased reopening of states. The upcoming date of June 1st appears to be a significant marker for many US states as they begin to open tourism businesses. While the situation varies widely by state, and seems to change on a daily basis, a current overview can be found here.

Visit USA

Visit USA remains actively engaged with the travel trade and positioned as a primary source for information and inspiration for travel to the USA. The trade webinars that have been conducted during this time have seen great success, educating 157 travel agents in two sessions – one focusing on US destinations with Dutch representation, and the other for all designation products.