Developments and new announcements on border openings within the EU are following each other quite rapidly the past few days. The EU seems to try to get some more grip on the situation to improve on the somewhat chaotic period of border closures in March.

Travel voucher

Their message was one of hope, but also with a big downside: Good part is the intention to slowly open all borders within the Shengen region. The bad news is that the thoroughly prepared and introduced travel voucher in the Netherlands is accepted by the Dutch government, but the EU determines it is a right to ask for a refund instead of a voucher if the consumer wants this. Luckily our prime minister said that it is only an advice and the government will continue supporting the inventive idea of the travel voucher. Simply because otherwise a major part of the tourism organizations will not survive this crisis. Among consumers there seems to be a similar support and the majority accepts the voucher with the pay-off “Dream now travel later”.

Neigboring countries

As we realize opening up neighboring countries is not as easy as we thought, traveling to the USA is an even more challenging process as the USA is considered a “High Risk” destination for now. We do not foresee a quick opening of the borders to Long Haul travel. However: inspiration has no boundaries. We address with Visit USA to the optimistic and flexible travel agents in the industry and Visit USA is starting with webinars, held by destinations, for travel agents. The “Dream now, Travel Later” webinars will start May 19 and will be held weekly. We will help agents to prepare as best as possible for them to be ready as soon as demand is picking up to the USA.

Access ‘Trade Webinars’ webpage

In addition to the webinars we link to Brand USA Discovery Program and all Ecademy’s of TravMedia of members. Please see a review of the ‘Trade Webinars‘ webpage at Visit USA. To access the page, you must enter a password, which you can request via this link. As long as we cannot offer the USA as a vacation destination, we will do our utmost to inspire people for the future. They will come back!