The past week in Europe has been one of faith and hope. We have faith, as all over Europe people show respect for George Floyd. Sometimes challenging because of the social distancing regulations, but mainly people managed to gather together in peace and solidarity against racism.

When travel is possible

And we have hope, as economies restart and travel is again possible. Some European countries are beginning to move from Code Orange (necessary travel only) status to Code Yellow (travel is allowed, but caution remains). Each European country is evaluated based on how they reacted and controlled the spread of Covid-19, including their implementation of travel restrictions. The Dutch people heard from their Prime Minister on Tuesday that they could again begin to travel under Code Yellow beginning June 15, 2020. And on June 4 after approximately 10 weeks of being grounded, several low-cost airlines resumed operations from Amsterdam serving popular European destinations. As summer school holidays begin around the end of July, this welcome news allows families to start planning for their previously postponed or cancelled vacations.

Choice within Europe

In a survey conducted by, 90% of Dutch travelers are planning a vacation within Europe; 20% planning to stay within the country. Germany, France and Greece are the top choices within Europe, and only 2% intending to travel to Belgium and Italy, pre-Covid-19 popular destinations. Thailand, USA and Curacao are the top three long haul destinations, but with very low numbers at the time of the survey. For the full version of the report in a translated press release, please refer to the following link.

Keeping informed

We continue our work to keep consumers and trade informed of the travel status of the USA and the stages of reopening by utilizing a variety of sources including US Travel Association and this helpful map published and updated regularly by The New York Times. Thank you for all of the inspirational content and information you continue to provide to us. It is not only very helpful for the travel trade webinars but it ensures that the destinations and attractions of the USA will be top-of-mind for when the time is right to travel again.