Corona is dominating the news worldwide. The way what focus is chosen is very different per country; there has always been a discrepancy in the share of ‘International News” in Europe compared to the minimal International News as featured in the United States.

Corona news

Where in most European countries and specifically in the Netherlands the share of Domestic, European and news from The USA are equally split the way the news in the US has been broadcasted is more like 97% National news and a tiny bit of International news and only if in this case Death tolls are realy high (like in Italy and Spain) or the news is UK-related. The fact that Sweden is not at all in a lockdown nor a stay-at-home situation/social distancing or the fact that some Ski resorts in Norway are reopening is most probably not making the news in the US.

USA as a tourism destination

Despite some positive and slightly hopeful news like the expected partial reopening of California not all news is specifically good PR for the USA as a tourism destination: The Federal government doesn’t seem to have a grip on the situation and instead of a joint effort to set up a defense system against the Covid19 enemy the problem is being made a problem along the party lines and being used in view of the upcoming elections. At least that is what the Dutch news channels are broadcasting. Surveys show that the majority of Dutch people are planning to travel again as soon as restrictions end. We will do our best to keep the USA top of mind although it might take longer before Europeans are allowed to travel to the US again as the entire US is considered a high-risk destination right now.

Online webinars

Joining forces with Visit USA and Brand USA the Dutch representative offices of destinations in the USA initiated the idea of organizing webinars on the destinations they represent in combination with the USA Discovery Program of Brand USA. Complemented with the destinations represented by other members, Visit USA can facilitate two-weekly webinars. All related costs will be covered by Visit USA the Netherlands. We will keep you informed on these developments and also likerto inform you that there seems to be a demand and high interest from all travel agents to attend as they’re still employed and working due to the generous compensation plan from the Dutch government: Most travel companies already did receive up to 90% compensation on their salary costs for March last week. April is expected to be paid out before the end of April. We will target on all former participants of the Visit USA Roadshows resulting in a big potential audience. Survey showed a huge interest in webinars. The fact that numerous agents already subscribed for the USA Discovery program proofs the potential interest for this initiative.